You can find Hospice Aid UK at any of these platforms where you can donate as little or much as you can:

"Your support, both past and present, has made a tangible difference to our children & young people, all who have life limiting illnesses, enabling us to help them and their families face impossible situations."

£1936.36 to buy oxygen saturation monitors which are used to assess the pulse rate & oxygen saturation of a patient. In particular, these are ideal for babies and small children.

"You are always the one I turn to in an emergency and you never let me down – thank you so much."

£1057.36 to buy 4 ventilator tube supports and 4 small mild steel trolleys to aid poorly ventilated children with their breathing.

"We would like to thank you for your generous donation which you sent so quickly to our urgent appeal. Your continued and ongoing support of our children’s hospice is very much appreciated."

£2,931.63 to buy a new shower/changing trolley for a children’s hospice after their old one had broken. An essential piece of equipment used to move the children in and out of the bathroom which they couldn’t manage without for any length of time.

"Thank you so much for your help which, as always, has been a huge help. The beds will now replace our six year old ones which were not in good state of repair and allow family members to stay with their loved ones overnight at our hospice."

£3,600 to provide foldaway beds.

"Complimentary therapy is such an important part of palliative care our hospice provides as it is an extremely effective method of symptom relief & relaxation for adults with terminal illnesses who are in constant discomfort or pain. The benefits therapies, such as massage and Reiki bring, are immeasurable."

£1,000 for 50 hours worth of complimentary therapy which is the equivalent of a 6 session course for 8 people.

"On behalf of the patients & staff at our hospice, I would like to thank you for your recent donation. We are very grateful to Hospice AID UK for your continued and generous support, particularly during these times of hardship"

£1344.78 for a defibrillator - a potentially life- saving piece of equipment.

"Your continued support of our hospice is very much appreciated and we can assure you it will be put to very good use"

£745 to buy a Pro Portal Massage Chair which helps patients to benefit from a massage or reflexology session, especially those who cannot lie down comfortably.

"Our hospice relies on voluntary grants and support which is much loved by both patients & staff. Thank you from everybody"

£3760.00 for a pair of riser recliner chairs which allows patients to sit up slowly and less painfully.

"The benefits from these mattresses ease aches & pains & reduce bed sores & ulcers. They are electronic and so also help the nurses to move the patient around with ease."

£5000 to buy pressure relieving mattresses which reduce bed sores and ulcers.

These are just a few examples of the ways we have helped hospices all over the UK. We really couldn't do it without donations from our supporters. Please help us to continue our vital funding by sending a donation today. Thank you!